Federation v2 with multinode clusters


Hi guys,

I’m experimenting with federation v2 and got stuck at some point. I use Kubespray to deploy Kubernetes clusters and I follow the user guide to federate them. When I create the two clusters with a single node in each of them, it works perfectly, the example runs and the sample webserver is up. However, if the clusters are created with multiple nodes, it doesn’t work anymore. There is no error whatsoever, but when checking the status of resources then out of all the resources, only a secret and a serviceaccount exist in cluster1, the others say “No resources found”.
Also, multiple node clusters are tested with a simple app and they work on their own, the problem appears only in case of the federation.

Am I missing something, what can be the problem?

Below is the hosts.ini for one of the clusters, the other one is similar to this one.


controller ansible_user=ubuntu ansible_become=true
compute ansible_user=ubuntu ansible_become=true







I’ve been having the same problem, if you had any progress whatsoever please share.