Forward TCP/TLS traffic to port 6514, not possible?

I’m new to kubernetes and I have been tasked to implement a on-prem openshift cluster at work. At the moment we are trying to forward TCP/TLS traffic from a network devices into the cluster and the device is hardcoded to forward the traffic on port 6514. I can’t get this around my head, been reading countless hours and been trying different techniques to open port 6514 but without any success.

  1. With loadbalancer I’m able to open the port 6514, but not able to secure the communication between openshift / network device.I’m using metalLB.

  2. With openshift route / ingress, i’m only able to forward the traffic to an DNS name to port 80/443 but not to a custom port?

  3. Nodeport and other options will use a port that is not in the same port range.

My question is,
How can I forward TCP/TLS traffic to a kubernetes / Openshift cluster on a specific port? In this case port 6514.

Thank you.