Get events for standalone Kubelet

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: 1.17.1
Installation method: standalone Kubelet
Host OS: Linux

I used to use 1.171 standalone Kubelet mode without an API server for my cluster. Because I’m not using API server, I can only get container events from Kubelet logs.
But after I upgrade Kubelet to 1.20.1, I found that the log format is changed and Kubelet log is no longer logging container info(“FieldPath” field in log) for events logs due to this change Migrate log to klog.InfoS for staging/src/ by KobayashiD27 · Pull Request #91712 · kubernetes/kubernetes (
So with newer version Kubelet, I cannot know which container those events belong to from Kubelet logs.

My question is what’s the best practice to get events for standalone Kubelet? Should “FieldPath” field add back to log? or is there any plan to add something like an “event server”, user can configure and use it to get events for standalone Kubelet easier?