Gitlab, Helm and Proxy



When I try to install Helm Tiller on my Kubernetes Cluster with Gitlab UI, I get the following error :

Something went wrong while installing Helm Tiller

    Installation failed. Check pod logs for install-helm for more details.

Then, when I check the pod logs, I see the following output :

 + helm init --tiller-tls --tiller-tls-verify --tls-ca-cert /data/helm/helm/config/ca.pem --tiller-tls-cert /data/helm/helm/config/cert.pem --tiller-tls-key /data/helm/helm/config/key.pem
Creating /root/.helm 
Creating /root/.helm/repository 
Creating /root/.helm/repository/cache 
Creating /root/.helm/repository/local 
Creating /root/.helm/plugins 
Creating /root/.helm/starters 
Creating /root/.helm/cache/archive 
Creating /root/.helm/repository/repositories.yaml 
Adding stable repo with URL: 
Error: Looks like "" is not a valid chart repository or cannot be reached: Get dial tcp connect: connection timed out 

I can still try to install it manually, but the problem is I’m not sure that Gitlab-CI will recognize it and allow me to install the rest of the applications with its UI.

After checking, the container image used in this pod is the following :

The node where the problem happened is a CentOs, version : 7.5.1804.

Do you have any idea of how I can fix this ? I tried several times and I still get the error.
We do have a proxy, but the cluster is supposed to be well configured. I tried to curl “” from every node and there was no problem. Maybe the container needs to have the same proxy configuration. The problem is that the pod is deployed by Gitlab, so I can’t write my own deployment config with the proxy variables.


I figured out the problem, it is the Gitlab container launched by the GUI which doesn’t give the possibility to set the HTTP_PROXY environment variable. That’s why it cannot reach the URL.