GRPCAction not working

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: docker-desktop (1.25) / EKS (1.24)
Installation method: docker-desktop / eksctl

I’m having trouble configuring the new GRPCAction for my liveness and readiness probes. I have verified the feature gate is enabled.

I have my service listening on 8080, running the grpc_health_v1 HealthServer. I have verified it is working using the exec grpc-health-probe:

    - /bin/grpc-health-probe
    - -addr=:8080
timeoutSeconds: 10

I have changed the probes to:

  port: 8080
timeoutSeconds: 10

However, I then get the following pod event errors for both probes in both docker-desktop and in EKS:

Liveness probe failed: timeout: failed to connect service "x.x.x.x:8080" within 10s: context deadline exceeded

Is there something I am missing?