HA for a single cluster in two location

Dear community. How to provide HA for a single cluster spanning two geographical locations? can anyone give me some idea, exampe ? Thank you :slight_smile:

The general answer is to run another cluster.

It’s possible to run a cluster across regions, as long as they are “close” to each other but there are downsides.

You still only have one control plane.

We don’t really test that.

Some components may not consider multi-region well (e.g. service routing or scheduler spread).

Kubernetes is fairly “chatty” and latency between control plane machines or between nodes and control plane will slow everything down.

thanks for the answer .i understand second cluster + federation ? but where to put the federation control layer, on both clusters in two locations? Do you have an example diagram of implementing such an architecture ?

Why do you need federation? Try something like ArgoCD or Flux