Help a newbie understand how to access a service from the outside

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Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: minikube 1.16
Cloud being used: local test vm
Installation method: Per minikube project documentation specs. Since I am already running in a vm the documentation I am starting minibus with -driver=none.
Host OS: Centos 7.9
CNI and version: Have no idea how to find out
CRI and version: See above :slight_smile:

[root@minikube ~]# k get services --all-namespaces
NAMESPACE              NAME                        TYPE           CLUSTER-IP       EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)                  AGE
default                kubernetes                  ClusterIP        <none>        443/TCP                  29h
kube-system            kube-dns                    ClusterIP       <none>        53/UDP,53/TCP,9153/TCP   29h
kubernetes-dashboard   dashboard-metrics-scraper   ClusterIP   <none>        8000/TCP                 29h
kubernetes-dashboard   kubernetes-dashboard        ClusterIP     <none>        80/TCP                   29h
sc4s                   sc4s                        LoadBalancer    <pending>     514:30819/TCP            26h
sc4s                   sc4s-lb                     LoadBalancer   <pending>     514:31011/TCP            25h

[root@minikube ~]# k version -o json
      "clientVersion": {
        "major": "1",
        "minor": "20",
        "gitVersion": "v1.20.2",
        "gitCommit": "faecb196815e248d3ecfb03c680a4507229c2a56",
        "gitTreeState": "clean",
        "buildDate": "2021-01-13T13:28:09Z",
        "goVersion": "go1.15.5",
        "compiler": "gc",
        "platform": "linux/amd64"
      "serverVersion": {
        "major": "1",
        "minor": "20",
        "gitVersion": "v1.20.0",
        "gitCommit": "af46c47ce925f4c4ad5cc8d1fca46c7b77d13b38",
        "gitTreeState": "clean",
        "buildDate": "2020-12-08T17:51:19Z",
        "goVersion": "go1.15.5",
        "compiler": "gc",
        "platform": "linux/amd64"

I am struggling to understand how to access my service from the outside of Kubernetes?!?!? What is the network address? I understand it creates dynamic IP but how does the rest of the net identify and connect to it? Its is not in the networks known routing tables, just in the guest host!?!?! Most of this makes sense (and is very cool) but cannot wrap my head around networking and how to make my service avail from outside the cluster with the virtual ip?

Any help is much appreciated as I am starting to work with a product that runs on k8s and I am sooo close to getting it up and running :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance.

You can format your yaml by highlighting it and pressing Ctrl-Shift-C, it will make your output easier to read.

Can you post your service or deployment definition yaml?

Does that help at all?