Help with Kustomize and Helm Chart Inflator

I’m having a project where I’m using kustomize to build my manifests and my manifests are themselves referencing the values.yml file from helm. Here is the project structure:

  - helm-k8s
   - values.yml
   - Chart.yml
   - templates
    - base
      - chartInflator.yml
      - project-namespace.yml
      - grafana
        - grafana-service.yml
        - grafana-deployment.yml
        - grafana-datasource-config.yml
      - prometheus
        - prometheus-service.yml
        - prometheus-deployment.yml
        - prometheus-config.yml
        - prometheus-roles.yml
      - kustomization.yml
    - prod
      - kustomization.yml
    - test
      - kustomization.yml

In my chartInflator.yml, I have the following:

apiVersion: builtin
kind: ChartInflator
  name: project-monitoring-chart
chartName: project-monitoring
chartHome: ../../../helm-k8s/
releaseName: project-monitoring-chart
values: ../../values.yaml
releaseNamespace: project-monitoring-ns

I then navigate to the base folder where my kustomization.yml exsists:

kind: Kustomization
  name: project-monitoring-kustomization
  - chartInflator.yml
  # 0. Get the namespaces first
  - project-monitoring-namespace.yml

  # 1. Set up monitoring services (prometheus)
  #- monitoring/prometheus/prometheus-roles.yml
  - prometheus/prometheus-config.yml
  - prometheus/prometheus-roles.yml
  - prometheus/prometheus-deployment.yml
  - prometheus/prometheus-service.yml

  # 2. Set up monitoring services (grafana)
  - grafana/grafana-datasource-config.yml
  - grafana/grafana-deployment.yml
  - grafana/grafana-service.yml

When I ran kustomize build ., it fails with the following message:

$ kustomize build .
Error: accumulating resources: accumulation err='accumulating resources from 'project-monitoring-namespace.yml': missing in object {{v1 Namespace} {{ } map[name:] map[]}}': must build at directory: '/home/MyUser/Projects/deployments/monitoring/helm-k8s/templates/base/project-monitoring-namespace.yml': file is not directory

It seems like it is not applying the Values.yml correctly. How can I get around this?