How can I see the RAM limit if I did not specify it?


I tried kubectl get pod my-pod-id -o yaml but only see data on cpu limits/requests. How can I see how much memory is allocated? I did not specify this in my deployment yaml, so this is a default value.

        cpu: "1"
        cpu: 100m


There shouldn’t be a default out of the box for resource limits, if there was a memory limit in place it would be there too.

Has someone set up a range limit for that namespace?
kubectl get limitrange

edit: assuming vanilla k8s not a managed solution like, Openshift, Rancher or GKE, etc


Thank you. OK, there is no default, but how do I see the RAM limit of this specific pod? Certainly at some point it would hit a limit?

So … I am looking for some some sort of “read configuration” command where kubectl get pod my-pod-id -o yaml did not do the trick.

(limitrange shows nothing interesting
$ kubectl get limitrange
limits 125d
(Using GKE.)


Unless you set the memory limit explicitly then one should not exist.

My guess is the limits limitrange has the CPU limits you are seeing in it. You can take a look by running kubectl describe limitrange limits

If any RAM limits were set they would appear with the command you ran to see the CPU limits.