How can we restrict aws efs data usage per kubernetes pod

Can we restrict aws efs data usage per kubernetes pod?
Hi, I am trying to create a scalable system where I need to scale a large number of pods within the minimum amount of time. I also need to persist the data of each pod, hence I am using PV, and PVC as volume mounts for pods. I have pre created PV from EFS and just mount it to all the pods.I mount a single PV to all the pods to reduce volume mount time. EFS is charged only for data stored. Hence to reduce pod initialization and cost I am using EFS and not EBS as PV
Now I want to restrict the size of EFS per pod . Although I know that the size declaration in PVC and PV is ignored in the case of EFS. So is there some other way through which I can restrict EFS data usage per kubernetes pod?

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: 1.23
Cloud being used: AWS
Installation method: AWS EKS
Host OS: Linux