How stable is Kubernetes Infrastructure for Stateful Applications

Hi, I came across this blog, and would like to know expert’s view on this about ‘How stable & efficient is Kubernetes Infrastructure for Stateful Applications?’

IMO,Most of the points highlighted in the article(link I shared above) are true. Yes, Kubernetes is not inherently supporting stateful applications but there are all the solutions/or resources available to support an efficient & stable stateful application by a means of Kubernetes Operator. So, is there anyone who agrees with me and/or deny most of the points in the said article? If, yes, I would like to know your views on why do you think so. Please share your thoughts. To make some critical business related decisions, I need some solid points on this.

Hi Roshani, this question should better be adressed in the General K8s topic as it is not really MicroK8s specific.