How the K8s release of Mandala version v1.29 is going to impact Production deployments? any thought process around this?

Any thought process or suggestions on how the latest v1.29 Mandala release going to impact the “Production” grade deployments of K8s.
As we see some changes in PV (Persistent volume), CRD, RWonce POD, KMS, nodeexpand secret kind of features are introduced. These may have profounding impact the present deployments.

Start mentioning your comments/inputs around this topic.

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Hello buddy,

Below are my thoughts on update

  • Not all new features are designed for immediate production adoption. Take your time to evaluate their suitability and potential risks.
  • Consider a phased rollout approach to minimize disruption and mitigate risks.
  • Continuous communication with stakeholders throughout the upgrade process is crucial.

Ultimately, the impact of v1.29 Mandala on your production deployments depends on your specific environment and configuration. Carefully evaluate the potential benefits and challenges before making the decision to upgrade.

I hope this information helps you navigate the release of v1.29 Mandala!