How to access nginx service URL if one of the kubernetes worker went down

Hello Team,
I created an Amazon eks cluster v-1.11 with 3 worker nodes to deploy my web application “Nginx”, And also i created a sample pod of kind “Deployment mode” and also exposed a service for that, With “30143” as node port.
I am able to access the Nginx landing page URL from the browser with all the 3 worker nodes as below.

********** Questions************
1). How to access Nginx URL from the cluster when all the workers went down ?
2). Is there any way of accessing Nginx URL with a standard Domain name (or ) a Static ip-address even if any worker went down from the cluster …?
3). Is there any way of allocating elastic-ip’s to the existing eks cluster worker nodes, So that we can access the same elastic ip URL from the browser even if worker went down.

It will be helpful if you clarify the above questions.

  1. All the workers? No, if all the workers are down, you won’t be able to run any containers :slight_smile:

  2. Yes, you can use a load balancer. Either use service type load balancer (it will create one for you in AWS) or configure it manually using all the workers and nodePort as backends. Check the docs, it is explained in more detail.

  3. I don’t know about EKS, but I guess not

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