How to access service name from storageClass?

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: 1.14.
Cloud being used: bare-metal
Installation method:
Host OS: Centos 7
CNI and version: Calico
CRI and version:

I want to use glusterfs-kubernetes to build my cluster storage.
It looks like the following:

kubectl get services
NAME                                                     TYPE           CLUSTER-IP       EXTERNAL-IP     PORT(S)          AGE
glusterfs-dynamic-21bb60f8-8907-11e9-9cee-0050568c1261   ClusterIP   <none>          1/TCP            6d8h
glusterfs-dynamic-58869a26-8c1e-11e9-9cee-0050568c1261   ClusterIP     <none>          1/TCP            2d9h
glusterfs-dynamic-78c5fed9-8df4-11e9-8273-0050568c1261   ClusterIP   <none>          1/TCP            114m
heketi                                                   ClusterIP    <none>          8080/TCP         121m
heketi-storage-endpoints                                 ClusterIP   <none>          1/TCP            121m
kubernetes                                               ClusterIP        <none>          443/TCP          15d

The heketi service is defined as following:

kubectl describe service heketi
Name:              heketi
Namespace:         default
Labels:            glusterfs=heketi-service
Annotations:       description: Exposes Heketi Service
Selector:          glusterfs=heketi-pod
Type:              ClusterIP
Port:              heketi  8080/TCP
TargetPort:        8080/TCP
Session Affinity:  None
Events:            <none>

my storage class is defined as followed:

 kubectl describe sc standard
Name:            standard
IsDefaultClass:  No

Parameters:            restauthenabled=false,resturl=,restuser=notusedyet,restuserkey=notusedyet,volumetype=replicate:2
AllowVolumeExpansion:  True
MountOptions:          <none>
ReclaimPolicy:         Delete
VolumeBindingMode:     Immediate
Events:                <none>

Now, here comes my problem. As the above configuration works fine at the beginning, it stopped working after a full cluster restart of kubernetes. I noticed that the clusterIP had changed.
But when I change the IPhttp:// to the service name http://heketi:8080 I cannot deploy an persistent volume claim any longer. Error message is that the server send empty response. But the url is working if I curl for it from another pod.

here is the yaml with the non working service name:

kind: StorageClass
  name: standard1
  #resturl: ""
  resturl: "http://heketi:8080"
  restauthenabled: "false"
  restuser: "notusedyet"
  restuserkey: "notusedyet"
  volumetype: replicate:2
allowVolumeExpansion: true

Any Idea how to solve that issue?
Thanks, Andreas