How to deploy a kubernetes service when the service port is "random"


I am very new to Kubernetes but have been hyped for a very long time to try it out. I have built an application in .NET with Microsoft Orleans so now I will try to set it up on my Raspberry Pi cluster with microk8s kubernetes.

But I have a small question, so in order for my application to be able to be reached from the wide world I need to do some rules in my firewall, but, when I create a service with my application with the type “LoadBalancer” it assigns like random ports in the 30000 range. It will be very hard to “guess” which port I should forward to the cluster. What I would like to do since this is an API application is to be able to reach the cluster via the regular 443 port. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance!
Best regards Max

I have learned that I need to use MetalLB for this, as it needs to go thorugh a load balancer :slight_smile: