How to enable kube-scheduler logs to show Node score?

I am looking for a way to view kube-scheduler scoring log which is mentioned in source file named ‘generic_scheduler.go’ as " klog.Infof(“Host %s => Score %d”, result[i].Name, result[i].Score) " .
I scheduled a deployment of 5 replicas which got distributed over my 2 worker nodes.
But I am not able to see the above mentioned log in kube-scheduler logs.
Is there a particular verbosity level to set ? I tried with --v=9 and --v=3 but did not work.


According to kubernetes/generic_scheduler.go at 8e8bf06f15305c9ecc33c60aabc5859cefaba001 · kubernetes/kubernetes · GitHub, it seems that it’s --v=10.

Update: I tried --v10 and that doesn’t show any output from generic_scheduler.go. It seems that logging library doesn’t behave as advertised or I’m misunderstanding how it works.