How to increase the quota limit on IP addresses?

Hi, currently it shows there is a limit of 4 IP addresses (but 8 VMs!) for my account due to which i am not able to create more than a single cluster with 3 nodes in it. The gcp console asks to contact sales to increase resource limits. The sales person says it’s a technical issue and i should contact technical support!!! No wonder gcp lags in the market. Apparently i am not eligible for tech support and i should pay for it :slight_smile:

I am NOT using free tier anymore so not sure why such a low quota exists.
I need to create one more gke cluster and this limit of 4 IPs has become a bottleneck.
Any idea how i can get over it?

This is a completely non technical issue but i am forced to post it as the sales folks are just dumb, so please bear with me.

Not a single response in over 3 days! Is this community active? or is there a different one which is active?

Hey @mgn
You can join the official k8s slack channel.