How to set the desired state to pods in a node

How can we set the desired state to number of pods in a node.

Set the desired state? What do you mean? Like “running”?

I don’t follow, can you please elaborate?

As you can see here I have scaled the app to 10 pods and the desired number has been set to 10 so if one of the 10 pods go down or deleted then replication controller will create new pod to maintan the desired state.

What I am asking that how to change that desired state number according to our needs???

Change the number of replicas of the deployment.

If that doesn’t mean anything to you, please consider starting at for documentation about these things. It contains all of thesecommon stuff like that :slight_smile:

So changing the number of replicas is similar as changing the desired state???

Yes, please read the docs. You specify the desired number of replicas :slight_smile:

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