I installed containerd 1.7.16 and kubernetes 1.30.0 on RHEL centos machines.The pods are unable to run.Multiple issues are noticed

  1. apiserver, coredns, controller-manager, scheduler restarted 22 times
  2. Pod networking is failing(redis nodes unable to join)
  3. containerd and kubelet status is showing error while fetching containerID
  4. Kubectl get events display “invalid 0 image filesystem capacity”
  5. Disk utiliation on one worker node goes to 84% always(with no pods)

EXpectations :Perfectly working cluster with

  1. image and node filesystem to automatically garbage collect with default configurations
  2. Able to use runc container runtime and schedule pods
  3. pod networking
  4. use private registry and local images

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version:

Cloud being used: on-premise RHEL redhat centos 8.6
Installation method:

  1. Downloaded RPM’S

Skipped rpms(glibc, iptable,iproute,systemd,system-libs,utils-linux ) as Faced conflicts while installing rpms as slightly lower versions are already present in system.
2. 1.7.16 containerd,1.4.1 CNI plugin without package manager, Containerd , stage directory (/data/containers and /data/containerd) Consumption is going to 84 percent with no pods running(state directory not GC automatically)
3. installed cluster using kubeadm
4. CNI flannel Deployed
Host OS:
CNI and version: 1.4.1
CRI and version: 1.7.16

Any help ASAP needed.Thanks