Ingress Controller path conflict /api

Issue: Ingress controller is not able to route the request to the configured backend via a Headless Service. Seeing conflict when the APIs of my server starts with /api with some of existing APIs(I think so).

I have included the details below,

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: 1.19
Cloud being used: AWS EKS
Installation method: Using EKSCTL
Host OS: Amazon Linux
CNI and version: -
CRI and version: -

Ingress Controller YAML

apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
kind: Ingress
  name: cluster-ingress-controller
    - http:
          - path: /api
              serviceName: apiserver-service
              servicePort: 9200

Ingress Description

$ kubectl  describe ingress cluster-ingress-controller
Warning: extensions/v1beta1 Ingress is deprecated in v1.14+, unavailable in v1.22+; use Ingress
Name:             cluster-ingress-controller
Namespace:        default
Default backend:  default-http-backend:80 (<error: endpoints "default-http-backend" not found>)
  Host        Path  Backends
  ----        ----  --------
              /api              apiserver-service:9200 (<ip>:9200,<ip>:9200)

Connection Request

Started the K8s proxy to access it via localhost. Fired the following request.

$ curl
  "kind": "Status",
  "apiVersion": "v1",
  "metadata": {
  "status": "Failure",
  "message": "the server could not find the requested resource",
  "reason": "NotFound",
  "details": {
  "code": 404

Please provide some help in order to access this request as according to me /api is by default directed to some other location(server) and hence, it is not able to find my custom Healthcheck API.