Ingress point / app root / rewrite..... confused

I have a small home cluster running build with rancher. I have a few apps that are running that have for quite some time been using just services as entry points. I have been wanting to play more with the ingress points. But have run in to some confusion. I would like to have a single inbound ingress “

In my cluster i have an app running. The app runs in the root. so when you hit it everything is right off of /.

So i setup an ingress rule

path = plexmon
target =

Ok so good. However if i hit the app triggers and it has an internal redirect to /home

so i get redirected to which throws a 404.

So I can’t figure out how to get anything that starts with /plexmon/ to KEEP the /plexmon/ so i would think the redirect should send me to

Any suggestions?

There’s probably a config in your app to tell it what the public url should be so that when it redirects it adds back the proper path to your url (e.g. /plexmon).

The reason you get a 404 is because your Ingress controller doesn’t have a route that matches /home.