Install Docker and microk8s on the same server


For dev work, sometimes I only need Docker to run docker builld docker run and maybe docker-compose. When testing those docker images, I don’t need microk8s at all.

Is it OK to install docker and docker-compose on the same physical machine which already has microk8s?

yes @TristanStanic. MicroK8s uses containerd instead of Docker. But if you want the images to be available to MicroK8s, you will need to follow this. Using the built-in registry or this

@balchua1 Oh cool thanks very much. This is good news. I was concerned that Docker would somehow alter the network config of the machine that would interfer with microk8s.

Also thanks for the suggestion about the built-in registry. I’d would definitely try that out. So far, I just upload the images to

And how about the JDK? Any impact on microk8s if I install multiple JDK?

MicroK8s does not have any dependency on Java. You should be be able to install any JDK/JRE you want.