Microk8s Migrate from Docker to Containerd any guides?

I am looking for a mircok8s guide on how to do the upgrade from Docker to Containerd. Any suggestions?

From v1.14 MicroK8s has moved to containerd. May i know what MicroK8s version you are using?

I have the most updated version, but I installed docker not knowing about containerd. Is it just a simple uninstalling docker and installing containerd?

EDIT: Looks like its just a simple

sudo apt-get purge docker-ce
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get autoremove
sudo apt install -y containerd.io
sudo reboot

I like how microk8’s just works

You don’t have to install containerd specifically.
MicroK8s includes containerd already.

It also doesn’t clash with docker too. In my case, i use docker to help me build my images.

It was not installed when I first installed microk8’s. I had to install docker / containerd.io my self. This was on a PI. No idea if that makes a differents

Yes it should be installed. How did you check that it is not installed?

unfortunately this was a few weeks so I do not have the error. I believe it had to do with unable to start my container. I made no yaml, or code changes. I installed docker and it worked like a charm.

I think it is just loading up. I don’t think installing docker fixed it. May i know the MicroK8s channel you are using?

Here is the command I used to install
sudo snap install microk8s --classic --channel=1.19
I waited about 30 mins for the container to start. Did a few deployments with the same result. Installed docker and the issue was fixed. If the issue wasn’t microk8’s / containerd it may have been a corrupted library or something. I’ve had Pi’s corrupt packages before, so it would be no surprise