Install Multus on Kubernetes


I am trying to install Multus on the machines I set up. I installed all plugins from GitHub - containernetworking/plugins: Some reference and example networking plugins, maintained by the CNI team..

Attach the configuration file:

apiVersion: ""
kind: NetworkAttachmentDefinition
  name: macvlan-confavishai
  config: '{
      "cniVersion": "0.3.0",
      "type": "macvlan",
      "master": "ens192",
      "mode": "bridge",
      "ipam": {
        "type": "host-local",
        "subnet": "",
        "rangeStart": "",
        "rangeEnd": "",
        "routes": [
          { "dst": "" }
        "gateway": ""

I tried to pick up Pods with a link to the same network configuration file:

  annotations: macvlan-confavishai

and I get an error: failed to find plugin “macvlan” in path [/opt/cni/bin /opt/cni/bin], failed to clean up sandbox container

In the /opt/cni/bin folder there is a Macvlan with permissions so I don’t understand where the error comes from.

Would appreciate help!