Integrate Cephfs (Ceph v15.2.5) with K8s (v1.24.X) on BareMetal

Hi everyone,
I am trying to integrate Ceph (Ceph v15.2.5) as a filesystem with Kubernetes (v1.24.X) on bare metal setup. Storage class and provisioners are getting created but when we try to create the PVC using Dynamic method, it’s going to pending state.

I have checked online for solution and could not find the right one to fix.

My earlier Ceph (Ceph v15.2.5) and K8s (v1.19.X) cluster has been integrated without any issue and running for past 2years. I tried the same method as mentioned in the below link and it doesn’t work.

I keep getting error as given below when PVC described.
“Warning ProvisioningFailed - waiting for a volume to be created, either by external provisioner “” or manually created by system administrator”

Can someone send a link related to Integration of Ceph with K8s latest version.