Is it possible to add master node with Auto Scale Group + Route 53?

Hello everyone. I have a question.

I want to create and scale my Kubernetes cluster with aws ASG(auto scale group) on my own machines in aws. Can I add Worker nodes to the cluster using the local ip addresses of my master nodes using Aws Route 53 Alias?

kubeadm join <**ROUTE53 DNS**> --token 22l51p.so19msc9hblxjla6
–discovery-token-ca-cert-hash sha256:b97cfc8260faa25b8e702a21131ba4e1acc5940e73fcc3f9d612a8bf2d5844fa

The ASG (autoscaling group) of my main servers and worker servers are different. So they scale automatically on load states. I don’t want to set up workers with a fixed main ip.

Any ideas on this?