Is there a way to increase the maxPods from 110 in minikube or kind?

I am doing my Masters thesis on Kubernetes and serverless computing. I was wondering if the maxPods property set to 110 can be customized in any way to run more number of pods in a local installation. This is to measure how well the system can scale in the domains of IoT where the number of devices may run into thousands or more.

Any guidance or advice would be highly appreciated.


You want to set the flag --max-pods for kubelet. The documentation says it should not be set via the flag anymore though, but by kubelet parameters: Set Kubelet parameters via a config file | Kubernetes

I can’t seem to be able to set the --max-pods flag. I’m using minikube on Windows so not sure if it is a compatibility issue.

I also tried the second method of generating a configuration file and then editing the maxPods property in it and then set the node to use the new configuration, but still the maxPods come up as 110. I can see the new configuration has been created, but the node doesn’t seem to use that config.