K8s Operator for Jenkins- Automatic Upgrade

Hi All -

We are using Jenkins in AKS Cluster with multiple instance running as a stateful pods. Now there are certain manual tasks performed like

  1. Upgrading Jenkins version to latest
  2. Install new plugins added to base plugins
  3. Make configurations like email changes

Recently came across K8s Operators. But I’m seeing options like maintaining number of pods, services, etc which can be done by the already provided K8s controllers. Again I’m pretty new to controller so please pardon my poor knowledge.

Would like to know if the manual activities especially the one with monitoring for latest version of Jenkins image and re-deploy the pods with that latest image, can be done via Operators. If yes, it would be great if you can direct to some sites using which I can set this up.

Again I’m pretty new to Operators and just trying to understand the Operator SDKs. So if you could assist me with some learning materials that would be good too.