Kimball provides User-Feature Analytics ROI within Kubernetes - Can you please help me?

Kubernetes Community - Can you please help me?

I’m working with an early stage software company in Philly called Kimball, which provides User-Feature Analytics ROI directly from within the Kubernetes infrastructure. Matt Rogish is the CoFounder and is a recognized expert in DevOps and Kubernetes. He recently had an exit from his services firm ReactiveOps, which was one of the first “DevOps as a Service” firms in the world. He then built Kimball.

We’re looking for SaaS companies that use Kubernetes to evaluate and take a look at the product. Can you please email me at and let me know if you can help us? Thank you very much!

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Here’s Kimball’s Website -
Here’s Matt’s Digital Business Card -
Here’s Matt’s Twitter -

Michael C. Bertoni - Founder & CEO - PhillyTech - 215.817.3295