Kube-controller-manager dying in regular intervals

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Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: 1.20.1
Cloud being used: Run on my on bare metal (raspberry pis)
Installation method: kubeadm
Host OS: Raspian/Debian 10 Buster
CNI and version: weave 2.6.5
CRI and version: docker 20.10 (also tried pure containerd 1.4.3 same result)

kubeadm init runs through and afterwards the cni deployment can be run. However in regular intervals the controller-manager container dies and seems to be restarted.
I took the logs and found this:

I0107 10:10:21.009848 1 shared_informer.go:247] Caches are synced for resource quota
E0107 10:14:35.877993 1 leaderelection.go:325] error retrieving resource lock kube-system/kube-controller-manager: Get “”: context deadline exceeded
I0107 10:14:35.878272 1 leaderelection.go:278] failed to renew lease kube-system/kube-controller-manager: timed out waiting for the condition
I0107 10:14:35.878576 1 pvc_protection_controller.go:122] Shutting down PVC protection controller
F0107 10:14:35.878597 1 controllermanager.go:294] leaderelection lost
goroutine 1 [running]:
k8s.io/kubernetes/vendor/k8s.io/klog/v2.stacks(0x56c0b01, 0x0, 0x4c, 0xa5)
/workspace/src/k8s.io/kubernetes/_output/dockerized/go/src/k8s.io/kubernetes/vendor/k8s.io/klog/v2/klog.go:1026 +0x94

Also kube-apiserver is restarted. I am not sure who is responsible for this. This even happens if I leave that node alone after kubeadm init. Is this a known bug?