Kube init error

Hi Everyone ,am quite new to Kubernetes , I ended up installing Kubernetes, as a result of the suggestions provided by our logging tool vendor .We are working on a logging tool and in order for us to install that in production we are supposed to use install it via Helm Chart .

ok , so now i install kubeadm , kubectl , Kubelet all version 1.20 , (I just ran yum install kubeadm)
Run time Environment : containerd
I have followed all the settings provided here : Installing kubeadm | Kubernetes
But when i run kubeadm init , it throws the error , the below error :

I have also tried acessing the url mentioned in the error screen shot (k8s.gcr.io/) but it takes me to GKE page.
Should i add repos from a specific source? Am i missing somethign ?
I want to set this Kubernetes cluster in production set up and install our logging application using , helm chart ?

Can some one please help me here ?