Kubectl deployment ubuntu --image=ubuntu does work

Why this happend… I not found nothing about this error on internet… pls help me =]

All nodes up
If I create a nginx deployment works (kubectl create deployment nginx --image=nginx), but when I deploy a ubuntu its not…

Hey, @BrunoHigino
I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Docker or similar technologies. But you’re running a container with an Ubuntu image which has no process defined inside. It’s just a simple shell container and waiting for a process.
If you add the sleep command then you won’t see the “CrashLoopBackOff” error.
In simple words, Kubelet is trying to achieve a running state of Pod’s container (restarting, killing, restarting …) → kubectl describe pod <pod-name>
Add sleep command as a testing -

 - /bin/sh
 - -c
 - "sleep 8999"