Kubectl super slow after bigsur upgrade

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: several, mostly in the 1.17.17-gke.3700 ballpark.
Cloud being used: Google
Installation method: GKE Terraform provider
Host OS: google container os
CNI and version:
CRI and version:

Client info

  • 2019 Macbook
  • 2.4ghz 8core intel i9
  • Sophos Endpoint enabled
  • Mac OS Big Sur 11.3
  • kubectl version: 1.21 via brew

General overview

I recently updated to Big Sur on thursday last week. After upgrading I have observed that a ‘cold’ kubectl can take well over a minute. Worse, it triggers the beachball – stalling other apps, audio, etc.

It seems like kubectl is really slow on MacOS BigSur · Issue #1020 · kubernetes/kubectl · GitHub (and the linked "kubectl get <any-resource>" is very slow due to custom/external metrics · Issue #98801 · kubernetes/kubernetes · GitHub) discuss some sort of caching issue.

I’m following those issues now, but curious if anyone else experiences the beachball? Are there any workarounds folks have found?

I’d be slightly frustrated by a slow kubectl, but the whole stall of the OS is enough to consider downgrade back to catalina :frowning: