Kubernetes Cluster On Raspberry Pi 4

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Cluster information:

I have installed and finished all the configuration for the Kubernetes on my 8 raspberry pi 4 cluster. All nodes checked in to master. All configurations seem spot on – but it has been 8 hours, and after several reboots of every node – my nodes are still reporting NOT READY. what would I look for next? where are log files that would help me isolate this issue.

Thank you

rpinode01 NotReady master 9h v1.19.3
rpinode02 NotReady 8h v1.19.3
rpinode03 NotReady 8h v1.19.3
rpinode04 NotReady 8h v1.19.3
rpinode05 NotReady 8h v1.19.3
rpinode06 NotReady 8h v1.19.3
rpinode07 NotReady 8h v1.19.3
rpinode08 NotReady 8h v1.19.3
Kubernetes version:1.19.3
Cloud being used: bare metal
Installation method: Manual
Host OS: Debian ARM
CNI and version:
CRI and version: