Kubernetes Documentation - kubelet's and kubeadm's config-yaml files


I’m testing Kubernetes with Containerd as CRI only - which works pretty well, but finding documentation about how to set it up and configure it is yet rather sparse imho or hard to find.

Where can I find reference yaml files with all possible settings for kubelet and kubeadm config-yamls?

For example, finding how deprecated commandline parameters, have to be set in kubelet’s config.yaml is quite hard. E.g. I want to try to set a different value for --container-log-max-size and --container-log-max-files. How do I do that in the config.yaml? Should it be container.log.max.size or just containerLogMaxSize or something completely different?

Someone even cannot keep to existing values - looking at --authorization-webhook-cache-authorized-ttl this is in the yaml.config translated to authorization.webhook.cacheAuthorizedTTL as far as I have seen.

Or looking at kubeadm - the kubeadm config print init-defaults examples are imho nearly useless as they are missing just too much to be useful.

It would be just really nice if Kubernetes could provide complete reference yaml files and/or proper documentation in the --help output about how to use those parameters in the yaml file.