Kubernetes + Generative AI

Hello everyone,
For some time now, I have been working in the world of Kubernetes, and for my university thesis, I have decided to study which artificial intelligence model “succeeds” in responding to and resolving Kubernetes world errors most effectively. I have augmented the knowledge of these AI models by feeding them with all the Kubernetes-related posts from Stack Overflow. Therefore, I have created a dataset of Kubernetes errors and asked three different AI models to provide the best possible solutions to these errors using specific prompts.
Now, I need to validate the results thoroughly and wanted to ask if any of you would like to help me validate these responses. For each model used, I have created a Google Form where for each question, I provide the error and the solution proposed by the model.
I would like to express my gratitude to anyone willing to lend a hand. My goal is to create the most valuable and useful work for the Kubernetes community.
In the various forms, I do not mention the models to avoid influencing the responses. These are the three forms:

Thanks to anyone who provides me with support!!!