Kubernetes how to open diapason ports in pod

Kubernetes how to open diapason ports in pod
I have the manifest file and I know how to open the port if hi single, but I don`t know how open diapason ports (containerPort: ‘10000-20000’) for the pod.

  - name: asterisk
    image: asterisk
    command: ["/bin/bash", "-c", "systemctl start asterisk"]
    - name:  sip
      containerPort:  5060
      protocol: UDP
    - name:  ssh
      containerPort:  22
      protocol: TCP
    - name:  sip-connect
      containerPort: '10000-20000'
      protocol: UDP

Unfortunately there is not a way to specify ranges like that. Fortunately, the pod-level ports spec is informational, not necessary to operate.

Can I use range ports in services? It`s impossible?

apiVersion: v1
kind: Service
  name:  service-asterisk
    app:  asterisk # Selecting PODS with those Labels
  type:  NodePort # LoadBalancer | ClusterIP | NodePort
  - name:  name-sip-port
    port:  5060        # Port on Load Balancer
    protocol: UDP
    targetPort:  sip  # Port on POD
  - name:  name-ssh-port
    port:  22        # Port on Load Balancer
    targetPort:  ssh  # Port on POD
 - name:  sip-connect
   port:  10000-20000 # Port on Load Balancer
   targetPort:  sip-connect  # Port on POD

Unfortunately not yet.

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