Kubernetes IPv4/IPv6 dual stack support status



This topic will be used henceforth to track ongoing work around IPv4/IPv6 dual stack work in Kubernetes.

Upstream k/k issue - https://github.com/kubernetes/enhancements/issues/563
Upstream revised KEP - https://github.com/kubernetes/enhancements/pull/808

Current phase - pod-to-pod dual-stack routing and non-vip services

Work status 2/21/2019:

Next steps:

  • Address all KEP comments and move to implementable state. merge upstream
  • Open PRs against all work items above

Requests for help.

  • None at this stage. Once we all this phase along with e2e we will be able to distribute out the work.


We’ve also created #k8s-dual-stack in k8s slack for discussion