Kubernetes networking recommendations for pods with multiple interfaces

We are looking for the recommended solution at Kubernetes networking level, thinking also in the CNI’s future and day 2 operations for the clusters

We have applications in a telco environment requesting for multiple interfaces in the same pod, and we are investigating Multus, DANM or Tungstenfabric between others.

Anyone could comment their experience of having this kind of networking? We want to avoid the usage of multiple interfaces, but could not always be possible due to the application requirements. It’s a good practice to have multiple interfaces in the same pod? Is possible to avoid this and make transparent to the application that needs multiple interfaces?

In the past, kubernetes just said “no”, and this entire space was forced to use extensions like Multus. Now, several years later, we are considering cautiously re-opening the discussion.

What that means for you is that Multus and it’s brethren are what works today BUT there may be a more integrated model eventually.

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