Kubernetes on Ubuntu Bare Metal for multi host server. Does my idea make sense?

I would like to create a shared hosting bare metal server with Ubuntu. Several sites (lamp) on the same server orchestrated by Kubernetes. Is it the best choice? It’s possible? Can I have load balancing with MetalLB for example with a master and two nodes?



Sorry, I’m confused and not sure I follow.

What do you mean with several lamp sites in the same server but then you say you want 2 workers? Do you need them to run on the same server or on any of the 2 servers (workers)?

And yes, you can use metalLB with layer 2 or BGP, whatever fits best in your environment. Wanna tell a little more? Or what is the question exactly? :slight_smile:



Hi! I try to explain my problem better. I have multiple sites to hosting. A case with a master and two nodes (a server in Germany, and two nodes in France) it’s a right practice? Can i have load balancing for connection interruption with one of them or for massive traffic ?

Not sure I follow. The master in Germany and workers in France?

Not really an option. The workers need to be close to the masters :frowning:

No, i do a test with two OVH VPS (nodes) and a Hetzner VPS (master). It Works,I simply want to know if it’s a good idea… i search, also, for a good Bare Metal configuration Bare Metal with Load Balancer

Can you please elaborate exactly what are you asking if it’s a good idea? I’m don’t follow, sorry.

For a bare metal load balancer you can use metalLB to route traffic to the cluster and an Ingress controller (like contour or ingress-nginx) for the L7 routing.

I have very good experiences with metalLB