Kubernetes pod logging?

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Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: v1.22.14
Cloud being used: Azure K8s Service
Installation method: Cloud
Host OS: Managed (Linux (Ubuntu))
CNI and version: Managed (Azure CNI)
CRI and version: Managed (containerd)

I’m getting asked by my cyber team for “container logs” – and that essentially is meaning the container OS logs (the application running in the container is being captured through application-specific means). We (the devops folks) use ‘kubectl logs’ all the time to capture pod output for monitoring/troubleshooting. However, this only seems to be STDOUT data from the container in the pod.

I seem to have a disconnect between folks thinking about ‘containers’ as ‘virtual machines’. Is it valid to say that the kernel/os logs for the “container” are the kernel/os logs from the different nodes? Therefore, if the node-level /var/logs are being captured, then the “os logs” are being captured for each container via the capturing the nodes’ /var/log?

Does anyone have a reference to point out how container->host relationship in K8s? TIA!