Load balancing using svc.cluster.local

We are using svc.cluster.local endpoint to route traffic to another pods but its not happening in load balancing pattern
Is this expected behaviour ?

can you please elaborate a bit on what you are trying to achieve?

svc.cluster.local is a domain suffix for infra-cluster FQDNs, but you need to add the namespace and the service name.

Hi @Theog75

From one of the pod we are calling another endpoint which is internal to cluster

Pod 1 → svc-one..svc.cluster.local

we checked logs of pod of svc-one, but request are not coming in distributed fashion.

so the requests are coming but not balanced? if this is the case it is worth mentioning that the LB mechanism of k8s services is “random” (see Service | Kubernetes)

By default, kube-proxy in iptables mode chooses a backend at random.

Be aware: It load-balances on CONNECTIONs not REQUESTS. If you have an HTTP client which reuses connections, you will not see load-balancing.