Local docker registry

Hello everyone,
How to create a local docker registry in my kubernates cluster then I can load my local docker image in my yaml file?
Please help me

You can deploy the Docker Registry Docker Hub.
I have not personally tested them all, but there are many tutorials (like this one Deploy Your Private Docker Registry as a Pod in Kubernetes | by Varun Kumar G | The Startup | Medium) available.

Thank you for your help…
I follow instructions in the link
And finally succeed to build local docker image,
Now I have another problem when I change configuration file
And rebuild docker image again I can’t pull image for previous assigned worker node
And I must choose new worker node in kubernate which I didn’t assign pode before
With previous docker image
Again thanks for your help

Can you provide a little more detail on your problem (and about your cluster’s configuration)?

You’ve been able to deploy a local registry in your kubernetes cluster .
You build image-v1 and you push it to your registry running in your container.
You deploy some application based on your image:v1 by running kubectl apply -f someapp.yml. Your application is deployed and runs ok on your cluster.

I don’t understand the part about choosing the node to assign the pod.

Let’s say that you have 2 worker nodes in your cluster. If your initial replica count is 1, the pod is deployed on, say, node1. If you scale your deployment to replicas=2, the default behaviour would be to spread the pods, so the second pod will be deployed to node2 (unless you are assigning pods to specific nodes: Assigning Pods to Nodes.

If you build a new version of the base image, say image:v2, you repeat the steps above:

  • push the image:v2 to the registry running in your kubernetes cluster
  • update your deployment file (someapp-v2.yml) to use image:v2
  • kubectl apply -f someapp-v2.yml

Kubernetes will replace the pods (based on image:v1) and run new ones (based on image:v2). See Updating a Deployment.

Can you detail the steps you take?

I dedicate a service and demonstration.apps in yaml file. When I assign a label to node and then select node according to node label in yaml file for first image for example image:v1 every thing is OK and pulling done successfully . But for second time when I rebuild image for example image:v2 pulling error happens…
What should I do, several deployment needed ?