Local storage provisioner


This is in reference to https://github.com/kubernetes-sigs/sig-storage-local-static-provisioner/

Can any one tell me what is the provisioner name I should refer to with in storageclass creation?

I was able to get local provisioner working and pvs created with volumes from local disks provisioner directory as indicated. A $ kubectl describe pv local-pv-random-123 shows pv.kubernetes.io/provisioned-by: local-volume-provisioner-nodename-UUID

I cannot be using that for the reason I would not know which node my pod with pvc request gets scheduled to. The documentation does not provide clarity w.r.t provisioner name I should be using and i tried few “local-storage” and my “pvs” are not getting bound to available "pv"s. PV;s are available on each of the nodes…

Any help is grealy appreciated

sudhir nallagangu

I think you’ve missed this file:

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Thank you. It worked for me as I figured that there were accessmode conflicts between pvc and what storageprovisioner was offering. Once I changed from RWM to RWO it worked…

Thanks again