Manage Kubernetes Manifests Easily with Monokle - Jan 26th

If you’re looking for a way to manage your manifests with an easy-to-use desktop UI , come join us on January 26th as we show off Monokle!Join us to see a quick demo, hear what’s up next on the roadmap, and meet the devs who built it. May result in Kubernetes superpowers but not guaranteed – though you might think so after you start using it. This 45-minute session will cover:

  • OVERVIEW : What is Monokle, where it fits in with existing Kubernetes tooling and workflows, and how to benefit from it
  • DEMO : You’ll see all of the latest features, an overview of the interface, and more
  • LIVE CODING : How to install and get started with Monokle
  • PRODUCT ROADMAP : What’s new, what’s coming soon, and what’s on our radar
  • LIVE Q&A : Feel free to ask any questions you have directly to the Monokle team!

RSVP: Monokle - Managing Kubernetes Manifests | Kubeshop
Monokle Github project: GitHub - kubeshop/monokle: Monokle is your K8s best friend for creating, validating, debugging and managing manifests!