Maximum number of pods per node


Kubernetes web page here mentions that the “maximum amount of pods is x”, but it does not mention if we are talking about running pods or “leftover” like the ones that remain after a job is exectued and the pod is marked as completed.

So, is this reccomendation for “total pods” or only for “running pods”?

Hey @pup_seba
​​I think it’s about the total number of pods (running, having an issue in the pod, completed and something like that), which consumes space in the node.

Hi @tej-singh-rana,

If that were the case, then it would depend on the characteristics (disk space available for local data, ram, etc) of such host and saying “100” would be way too arbitrary imho.

We are facing some issues with kubelet PLEG component and its gRPC messages exceeding the 16MB limit when too many container info is in the node, since the message grows too large and PLEG fails to report to kubelet making the node NotReady for kubernetes.

Keeping a low number of container elements at the host level helps aliviate the situation. I wonder if this recomendation is related to this situation, or why is even there and why it is a “100” and not “200” or “50”.