Microk8s > AWX Operator and NFS Storage Controller: postgres in crashbackoff loop (helpful hint)

Hopefully, someone else might find this useful. The kustomize CRD is awx-demo.yaml

Running microk8s [ v1.25.4 revision 4221] as snap under Ubuntu Server 20.04 VM [“20.04.4 LTS (Focal Fossa)”]; default storage controller using NFS[nfs.csi.k8s.io] and AWX Operator [1.1.2].

Operator enters crash loop backoff for pod pod/awx-demo-postgres-13-0

kubectl logs pod/awx-demo-postgres-13-0 --namespace=awx reports

chown: changing ownership of ‘/var/lib/postgresql/data’: Operation not permitted

add no_root_squash to NFS export settings and restart nfs-server on NFS host

Full details at Source Link

Hi Rirlpac,
MicroK8s team is helping with the issues reported on

Would you mind to open an issue on github?