Microk8s in lxc


for studying purposes, and following the docs, I installed it on LXD (using ext4 storage). I can start a pod but I have problems on calico and in general on tls layer:

NAME                                      READY   STATUS              RESTARTS   AGE
calico-kube-controllers-847c8c99d-56nxw   0/1     ContainerCreating   0          2d2h
calico-node-n5p5r                         0/1     CrashLoopBackOff    831        2d2h

The error I get in the logs is:

2021-04-28 22:42:47.806 [INFO][9] startup.go 365: Hit error connecting to datastore - retry error=Get x509: certificate signed by unknown authority (possibly because of “crypto/rsa: verification error” while trying to verify candidate authority certificate “”)

I think I correctly followed all the suggested steps:

sudo snap install lxd
sudo lxd init
lxc profile create microk8s
cat microk8s.profile.ext4 | lxc profile edit microk8s
lxc launch -p default -p microk8s ubuntu:20.04 $NAME
lxc exec $NAME -- sudo snap install microk8s --classic

What can I have done?