"Microk8s is not running" after reinstall

I just uninstalled and reinstalled microk8s 1.20 but it doesn’t look like I was able to get everything back to a fresh state.

$ sudo snap remove microk8s --purge
microk8s removed
$ sudo snap install microk8s --channel=1.20 --classic
microk8s (1.20/stable) v1.20.0 from Canonical✓ installed
$ microk8s.start
$ microk8s.status
microk8s is not running. Use microk8s inspect for a deeper inspection.

I also tried the 1.19 channel and got the same result. My next bet is wiping the disk and starting over, but I wanted to check if I had any other options.

Hi, it takes some bit of time to get the cluster into running state. Do you have the inspect tarball that you can upload here?