Microk8s not on default network interface

I setup a kubernetes cluster using microk8s on a set of machines with two network interfaces.
I noticed that both the k8s services and the pods use the non-default interface, which is my case is the slowest one.
How can I tell microk8s and the pods to use a specific interface?
Even a solution where just the pods use the non-default network interface is welcome.

I apologize if this is trivial or if this has been discussed already, but I could not find anything that solved my problem.
Thank you

I personally haven’t tried this, but i think you can tell calico to use which interface using this env variable IP_AUTODETECTION_METHOD
You may want to edit the file in /var/snap/microk8s/current/args/cni-network/cni.yaml then do kubectl apply.
More info from calico site. Configuring calico/node

Thank you @balchua1 , I am going to try this right away.
Is there a way to check which interface is being used, other than spawning two pods and sniffing the traffic between the two?
Thank you

Maybe using calicoctl (calico cli) to inspect calico may help. Just guessing here. :blush:

Hello, for future reference: the trick seems to have worked.
I changed what suggested on my master node. Then, I find that is sufficient to do microk8.add using the “right” interface and the calico on the worker node is already going to be properly configured.
Thank you @balchua1 !